Short Profile in the Field of Dispute Resolution (Litigation)

Tarek Riad & Partners – Legal Consultants & Attorneys at Law (TR & P) (previously Kosheri, Rashed & Riad) is one of the leading and deep-rooted law firms in Egypt and in the region in the field of Litigation. It has a track record of handling a considerable number of sophisticated cases and performing different types of litigations whether they are civil, commercial or corporate.

The litigation team of TR & P encompasses a galaxy of veteran attorneys who are dedicated to resolve the disputes of the clients in the light of their strategic interests and with unorthodox ideas that can establish precedents and assist in reaching favorable judgements.

TR & P’s attorneys are admitted before the highest courts in Egypt that are the Court of Cassation and Supreme Administrative Court in addition the Supreme Constitutional Court that adjudicates lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of legislations in Egypt.

Notably, TR & P’s litigation team has a privilege of tracing cases in multiple jurisdictions due to their well-rounded education and in-depth knowledge of different legal systems whether they are Civil Law or Common Law systems.

In this regard, it is pertinent to note that Dr. Riad, the Managing Partner of TR & P, had an LLB from the Faculty of Law, Cairo University in 1980 and an LLM and SJD from Harvard Law School in 1982 and 1985 respectively.

In addition to being a member of Egyptian Bar Association since 1982, Dr. Riad has been a member of the American Bar Association since 1985 which has allowed him to practice in front of the Courts of the State of New York including the Supreme Court of New York and the Federal Courts.

TR & P furnishes its client with a blend of high-rate quality services in the field of litigation including but not limited to:

  • Acting on behalf of the clients before different types and instances of the Egyptian courts whether they are ordinary or administrative courts and in all types of disputes.
  • Finalizing all court proceedings such as attending hearings, filing appeals and challenges against the judgments passed by the lower courts.
  • Representing the clients in all routine and major matters that are related to their disputes before the respective administrative authorities.
  • Representing the clients in tax disputes before the Council of State in addition to resolving said disputes with the respective tax authorities in Egypt.
  • Providing legal opinions necessary for pursing court proceedings in distinguished issues related to different branches of law such as Civil Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, and all other fields of law.
  • Handling all court procedures pertaining to the enforcement of arbitral awards in Egypt, filing nullity lawsuits against them and resisting said lawsuits and their challenges before the respective courts.


  • Assisting the clients in all out-of-court negotiations in addition to reaching win-win amicable settlements.

TR & P’s litigation team engages in a wide range of court proceedings related to distinguished matters including – inter alia –:

  • Privatization
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Banking & Finance
  • Oil & Gas
  • Employment and Labor
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
  • Intellectual Property
  • Telecommunication, Media and Technology
  • Aviation
  • Tax and Fee Disputes

Contract Disputes

TR & P has numerous international clients such as Caterpillar, Four Seasons, BP, Arab African International Bank, TUI, Bank of America, Time Warner, Lockheed Martin, Cotecna Inspection S.A., J-power systems, Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd, Moon Capital, Saudi Telecommunication Company, Flag Corporation, Philips, United States of America, Siemens, SAGA Italia, CMA/CGM Egypt, Cooperativa Muratori & Cementisi (CMC), Techint Compagnia Tecnica Internazionale S.p.A, Danielli, Itelferr, UNICREDIT, InterIKEA, LVMH, Karsten Group, Alex Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, Goppion S.p.A., etc.

TR & P has represented numerous clients in litigations in front of Egyptian Courts such as Four Seasons, Samsung, Transocean, Standard Bank, Servier Egypt, Colgate Palmolive for Trading & Distribution, Daimler AG, Misr Insurance, Nicholson Manufacturing Company (Seattle), Josef Meissner GmbH, Egyptian Media Production City, United States of America, Obegi, Egyptian Tanker Company (ETC), etc.

TR & P’s litigation team has unrivalled potentials to tackle complex cases with innovative solutions and deep understanding of the Egyptian legislations which could be attributed to its contribution to drafting many of them.

TR & P’s team is among few in Egypt who enrolled in drafting a handful of legislations and give their inputs about their details in a manner that enabled them to be acquainted with the most accurate points in such legislations and all respective issues pertaining to their applications.

In this regard, Dr. Riad was involved in drafting the Companies Law, the Telecommunications Law, the Investment Law and the Special Economic Court Law in his capacity as a member of the Economic Committee of the Supreme Policy Council. He also chaired the two committees responsible for drafting the Special Economic Court Law as well as the Companies Law.

In 2011, Dr. Riad was appointed as a member of the Consultative Council responsible for preparing drafts laws for the Egyptian Council of Ministries until June 2012. Moreover, he was the special legal advisor to the speaker of the Egyptian Parliament from 1992 till 2000. Among of his responsibilities in this regard was review of Investment Laws and related Regulations.

Recently, Dr. Riad has been nominated as a member of the committee responsible for discussing and amending the Egyptian Arbitration Law No. 27/1994 in accordance with the decision of the Minister of Justice No. 6/2022.

With regard to the late Dr. Kosheri and the late Dr. Rashed, it is pertinent to highlight that they were members of the Committee that drafted the first and current Egyptian Arbitration Law No. 27/1994.

TR & P has attained several awards in the field of Dispute Resolution (Litigation) which are as follows:

  • Top Tier Dispute Resolution Law Firm of the Year” by the Legal 500 Europe, Middle East, and Africa – 2022
  • The Dispute Resolution Law Firm of the Year” by Global Law Experts Legal Awards – 2022
  • Leading Firm in Dispute Resolution Band 1” by Chambers & Partners – 2018
  • The Law Firm of the Year in Arbitration in Egypt” by The Lawyer International Global Awards – 2017
  • The Dispute Resolution Law Firm of the Year in Egypt” by Global Law Experts – 2017
  • The Egyptian Arbitration Law Firm of the Year” by Lawyer International – Legal 100 – 2017
  • The Arbitration Law Firm of the Year in Egypt” by Corporate INTL – Legal Awards – 2017
  • The Leading Firm in Dispute Resolution Band 1” by Chambers & Partners – 2016
  • The Arbitration Law Firm of the Year in Egypt” by Corporate INTL Legal Awards – 2015
  • The Dispute Resolution Law Firm of the Year in Egypt” by Global Law Experts Legal Awards – 2015

Tarek Riad & Partners provides a comprehensive range of legal services for a plethora of domestic and international clients.

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